Profile of Alice Springs

Alice Springs

Situated in the south of the Northern Territory, Alice Springs has a population of approximately 24,000. Alice Springs enjoys a thriving economy founded mainly on tourism, various industries associated with indigenous populations, the Pine Gap Joint Defence Facility, and the mining and agricultural sectors.  Alice Springs is also a centre for surrounding indigenous communities and farming stations, servicing a region of 546,046 square kilometres and a regional population of nearly 39,000.

With a younger and wealthier population that the national average, Alice Springs consumer economy presents a situation of people with money to spend who are not reluctant to spend it.

Commercial developments and businesses have had a marked impact on Alice Springs' economic and commercial landscape, which is set to continue in the near future. Some of these developments include the opening of a new Target outlet, Imparja Television building, a new Central Land Council building, $12 Million Solar City Project, the arrival of the Harvey Normans franchise plus many more significant developments and improvements to existing buildings.

There has been consistent growth in numbers of visitors to Alice Springs since 2002, which looks set to continue in the forseeable future. Forecasts indicate a strong liklihood of further growth, with increases of between four and five percent predicted for numbers of visitors and spending alike.